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Maximize Your Message with Dr. Melissa Longo
Simplified Content Marketing For Health Professionals 
if you want to reach the masses...
content marketing will maximize your message. read on to learn more!
Simplify your content marketing but maximize your results!
Content creation is ....well...time consuming.  

It is, however, a vital strategy to effectively grow your practice, retain the people in it, and keep you focused and inspired to do the work you love that changes lives, 

AND when it's done will actually help you market your business while giving your more time to do what you love, with the people you love. Sound good? I think so. 

I've been streamlining this process for my own practice while teaching it to hundreds of Doctors for the past 2 years, and believe me, if I can do it, you can too. 

Spend a month with me and you'll have a solid system for creating consistent content for your practice, sharing it using the best platforms, and leveraging it multiple ways to stretch the outcome. 

In our 30 day group training series you'll learn all the necessary steps, get clear on your strategy, create your content, launch it, and understand how to evaluate whether it's bringing the results you want - and I'll be with you 100% with practical guidance and support. 
Creating Content For Your Practice Doesn't Have to Be Complicated!
Using our SIMPLE Method you'll learn how to: 
  •  Zone in on the needs of the people you want in your practice & create content they want to see
  • Choose the right medium of expression based on your personality and strengths
  • ​Create one piece of great content and then use it 20 different ways
  • ​Effectively evaluate your progress and track your results
  • ​Systemize your content creation to make it fit your lifestyle
  • ​Leverage your efforts and streamline your work
  • ​Craft relatable messages that are original and authentic to you
  • ​Differentiate yourself from other practices in your community
...and you'll stay connected to your purpose, fuel your passion for health and healing, and impact the lives of countless others! 
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learn from an expert who has trained hundreds of doctors to maximize their message on: 
Finally learn the Maximize Marketing System to create valuable content and attract your ideal clients, customers, or patients!
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  • Choose Your Adventure Video Training & PDF Download Booklet (Value $97.00)
  • Over 2 hours of Coach Dr. Melissa Longo's recorded marketing lectures to The Inner Circle Marketing Mastermind Group (Value $197.00)
share your ideas about health and healing, expand your impact 
& Grow your practice
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Create a System
We'll make a system that WORKS FOR YOU so you can put your content marketing 
on autopilot!
Find Your Voice
Your patients chose you as their Doc because they like YOU. Let's get that voice into your messaging.
Launch & Leverage
Content creation doesn't have to be torture. I'll show you how to get the most out of every piece and stretch it far!


Since starting a successful practice in 2002 in beautiful Collingwood Ontario, Dr. Melissa Longo has made it her business to empower other doctors in their lives and careers – literally. A fearless entrepreneur and sought-after mentor & coach, Dr. Melissa has also hosted the top rated podcast, Rockstar Doctor Life, for the past two years in addition to working as a coach within the Laptop Lifestyle Inner Circle Program since January 2019. She is also the creator and founder of The Simple Practice

Working with doctors privately, coaching within the Inner Circle, questioning the best of the best on her podcast, and hands on experience building a practice that fits her to a tee, has given 
Dr. Melissa the passion to share with other doctors, the fact that it’s not only possible to have your dream practice, it’s very much within reach.

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